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Our first responsibility is to ensure that every customer receives high quality, reliable service.

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Learn what an air conditioner or gas furnace service technician visit may include when you call for an HVAC inspection or service call.
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Equipment Sales/ Installations

We provide the best value on the highest quality comfort systems for your home, installed by professional installation crews.
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Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance can help prevent costly repairs, and ensures that your unit is running at maximum efficiency.
Consult HVAC experts & pro


Our dedicated and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants will personally assess your home and design the system that is most suitable for you.
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Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

  • Clean or replace your air filters every month, especially during the summer and winter months when units run longer. Dirty filters lower your unit’s efficiency and waste energy, which results in higher cost to the homeowner.
  • Clean air registers as needed. Make sure they aren’t blocked by furniture, draperies, etc.
  • Keep vegetation at least 12” away from your outdoor unit to allow for adequate airflow.
  • Add vinegar or bleach periodically to your system’s condensation drain line to control potential algae growth.


Gvxc20 Goodman Air Conditioner, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Air Conditioners

RocTex is proud to be an Authorized Goodman Dealer. Whatever size your home, whenever you need cool, comfortable, cleaner air, we’re dedicated to providing the very best investment you can make in ensuring the comfort of you and your family.

Gvzc20 Goodman Heat Pump, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Heat Pumps

Goodman offers all kinds of systems including Heat Pumps. Don’t let the name fool you. These units pull from the ground or outside air temperature to both heat and cool your home to perfection. A reliable, efficient choice in Southern states.

Gcvc80 Goodman Gas Furnace, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Gas Furnaces

Beyond performance, we also provide you with options for energy-efficient operation. In fact, some of our furnaces operate at over 90% efficiency, which means that 90% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home.
Gpc1460m41 Goodman Air Conditioner Packaged Unit, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Packaged Units

Goodman is one of the biggest names in cooling, heating and energy-efficient home comfort. Discover the energy-efficient, affordable, Goodman electric and gas packaged units with energy-efficient compressor and 80% AFUE.
Mbvc Series Air Handler, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Air Handlers and Coils

A lot goes into every Goodman brand air handler and blower motor Goodman Air Handlers with All-Aluminum evaporator coils simply work the way they’re supposed to, making each one a thing of beauty and reliability.

Comfortnet Ctk04 Temperature Control, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Temperature Controls

ComfortBridge technology is factory-installed into select, premium Goodman brand gas furnaces and air handlers. ComfortBridge helps your entire Goodman brand heating and cooling system cost-effectively operate at peak performance.

Clean Comfort Hepa Air Cleaner, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Indoor Air Essentials

Whatever your indoor air issue may be, Clean Comfort has a whole-house solution that can help. Contact your local Clean Comfort dealer to find out which Clean Comfort product is best for your family and your home. Complete your whole-home solution.

17 Series Wall Mount Ductless System, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall

Ductless Systems

If you have a small home, separate apartment or a room that needs special attention, a ductless mini split is great solution for your space. Ideal for conditioning air in small spaces like single rooms or for supplementing your current system.

Daikin Vrv Iv S Series Commercial Unit, RocTex Heating & Air Conditioning in Rockwall


Daikin VRV System is a modular, commercially applied air-conditioning and heating system that distributes refrigerant, rather than water, from the outdoor unit to multiple indoor units providing efficiency, individual user control and reliability in one package.

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Provides a selection of HVAC services for your home or business.

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"We used RocTex as part of a home warranty service. They were a breath of fresh air. Scott who came in to do the service was very professional. He was very courteous; he was able to identify the issue very quickly and provided solution. He did not try to upsell anything, or show other things that warranty does not cover. This has been my issue in the past where the contractors come in and talk about things that are not covered and try to sell more from their side. The manager Mark was also very honest and provided options for copay what were reasonable and also provided great options for replacement of the HVAC system on request."